Dough Rounder Easy to use dough rounder to ensure the right conditions for the Pizza baker. The rounder do the job that often cause the Pizza baker to have shoulder problems or bad wrists.

follow site Features:

buy accutane in malaysia The optimal tool for the Pizza Baker

  • – Two size of the lid : 220g-260g ,260g -300g
  • – Three type : 110v ,220v and 380v
  • – Secure the quality standard every time
  • – Easy operation
  • – Perfect for all types of dough balls


Model Voltage (V) Frequency Net weight (kg) Size (mm)
ML-1400 110v 60Hz 75 690x610x480
ML-1400 220v 50Hz 75 690x610x480
ML-1400 380v 50Hz 75 690x610x480

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