dough mixer ML30

Dough Mixer ML30

watch Design : Description: Markline’s ML30 mixers are easily operated and kept clean. To achieve more efficient mixing,the units are designed to allow the bowl to rotate at the same time as the mixer attachment is turning. These also have a safety cover.

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Specifications :

Voltage (V):                  220V 50Hz

Capacity:                     Flour capacity (kg)/(lbs) 12/27

Dough capacity (kg)/(lbs)     17/38

Bowl capacity (litre)         35

Power (kw )                   1.1

Pated input power (kw)        1.6

1st speed (r/mim)             185

Bowl speed (r/mim)            15


Width (mm)                    380

Length (mm)                   690

Height(mm)                    730

Machine Weight  (kg/lb):    70/154

see url WARRANTY: Markline will provide a one year warranty on all electrically part.

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