Convection Oven

Convection Oven

This new range of bakery ovens are the latest style in easy cooking ,easy cleaning and easy repair(if required).

Convection Oven

.The powerful fan motors and elements heat the ovens to 200c within 3 or 4minutes(ML360-ML460).

. The fan motors have a reverse action veery 2 minutes to make sure the cooking chamber has very good air circulation,without any cold spots.

. This produces equal baking on each tray and every tray-producing great cooking results VEERY time.

.Every component used in MARKLINE ovens have been manufactured and tested and are proven quality,from the switches and elements to the door hinges.

.The ovens are designed with the customer in mind,easy to use manual controls.

.The timer switch can be set to any desired time up to 120 mins with a buzzer indicating the end and the oven switches off.

.Temperature can be set from 30cup to 300c.

.Cleaning cannot be made easier with the internal back plate removed (just take the side racks out and away it comes-NO TOOLS REQUIRED)

.A drain and hose to clear away the dirty washing water straight into a bucket-simple.

.An inspection plate under the front control panel makes replacement of the controls very easy.The door switch is also replaced very easily-again no need to remove the control panel.

In fact all components can be replaced very easily-no need for expensive engineers.

All of MARKLINE ovens come with expertly engineered ALUMINIUM trays with four welded corners and with a top quality NON STICK COATING .


220-230V single phase 13amp plug in
3kW 3 x 600 x 400 trays
Net weight
800x870x575mm(W x D x H)
CE approved

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