About MarkLine We buy dough mixer from Chese factory Guangzhou GL Food Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd more than 6 years , GL Dough Mixer can meet European market and have a good quality. GL food machine alway can offer competitive and good service for Foreign clients.

Markline Advantages

Markline is Danish brand and have office Guangzhou China, Guangzhou is the business center for Kitchen equipment ,Food procession Machine GL food machine can offer us here Dough Mixer, Meat Mincer , Dough Sheeter ,Bone Saw , Potato Peeler ,Sausage Filling…..

MarkLine ODM service

Markline is one of Danish company in China, in Danmark and Sweden we own our showroon and sales /engineer . Dough Rounder ML-1400 ,Convection Oven ,Heating display is our best OEM prodect in China…

Parter: Chocolate Fountain Online; Hot-Chocolate-Machine;ThecateringEquipment

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